Clustering Within The Scope of The Project

The innovative aspect of “SME Networking Project” in terms of Clusters and Clustering activities is that the project aims to set up a “Clusters Development Center” in each pilot province. For the purpose of conducting the Clusters activities within the scope of an institutional structure, “Clusters Info - Spots” have been set up in each pilot province. Therefore, it is aimed to form a new and a dynamic structure which will produce a high level of knowledge, enrich its experience by sharing, and have a leading profile in both the project provinces and in the region for industrial and commercial Clusters. Rather than being structured on a strict and a static basis, these centers are planned to bring a creative approach, which aims to develop the human resources, improve and keep itself up to date, and have a close contact with the international Clusters.

The leading sectors in each province will be identified through the analysis and observations and pilot Clusters activities for these sectors will be launched. At this phase, the activities will focus on procurement and value chains to ensure that the companies to take part in the Clusters develop innovative products and service. Also, there will be trainings to build their capacities for vertical and horizontal integrations. 

Clusters Development Tools” will be prepared and made available for use at Clusters activities conducted in other provinces in Turkey as well. “Clusters Development Tools” will be used as a reference and a facilitator both for the current and future projects. 

In consideration of the activities conducted in the past, the Clusters are considered to be significant factors for development of regional & interegional cooperation and information networks. First things first, a needs assessment will be conducted to identify the roles, responsibilities and location of the local actors. As a result of this assessment, special methods and tools will be developed for Clusters analysis, Clusters activation, Clusters management, Clusters support, and monitoring and evaluation activities. These tools will aim at ensuring the local actors with the necessary skills and capacity and providing up to date news and information about Clusters policy and programs.

Knowledge Management System” will be set up to provide assistance for the SMEs, Clusters, and supporting institutions to collect necessary information and classify, present and update this information in line with their needs. 

Furthermore, it is aimed to increase the monitoring of the performance of the Clusters in Turkey, reinforce the competitiveness of local Clusters and benchmark them with the other international Clusters by setting up a “National Benchmarking System”. This system is expected to facilitate the implementation of the support programs offered or planned by MoE (Ministry of Economy), BSTB (The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology), KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) and TUBİTAK.

Within the scope of the project, it is also aimed to provide the following benefits for the Clusters and Clusters activities:

- International short – term experts will benchmark the local performance with the international standards.

- Through the activitied to be conducted on provincial level with different stakeholders, it will be possible to evaluate the performance of the project at a local level.

- The Leaders of the Priorty Clusters will be supported under the leadership of the key experts for ensuring a healthy development of all Clusters.

- By adopting a careful management approach, the key experts will set up “Black Sea Clusters Info Spot” and “East Mediterranean Clusters Info Spot” and ensure that these info spots work in coordination with each other in the course and aftermath of the project.

- Local Advisory Committees can conduct activities to form cooperation between regional development agencies, municipalities and the universities in line with their strategies.

- It can be possible to ensure added- value by working with key groups of sub –sectors which can be supported in terms of internationalization and competitiveness.


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