Clustering in Turkey

The Clustering activities performed in Turkey are listed by implementation dates as follows:


1- Bartın Clusters-Based Regional Development Project (2003)

Conducted under the supervision of Ministry of Development in cooperation with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB); Secreteriat of Treasury;  Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and International Competitiveness Research Institute (URAK), the project is the first Clusters-based regional development project in Turkey. The project aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the sectors in global arena; achieving sustainable economic growth and accordingly improving life standards in Bartın.

2-  Competitiveness and Clusters Analysis (2007)

A set of Clustering activities was initiated in the region by Middle East Industry and Trade Center (OSTİM) Organized Industrial Zone.  In this context, a highly inclusive and detailed competitiveness and Clusters analysis was conducted.

Performed for the purpose of making economic growth of OSTİM planned and sustainable, this activity revealed international competitive powers of all sectors in the region in the result of data analysis.  All researches, analyses and syntheses indicated that Defense Industry Sector was the best for Clustering activities to be conducted in OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone.

3- Clusters Analysis and OSTİM Aerospace and Defense Clusters in Defense Industry Sector (DIS) (2008)

As a result of researches, analyses and syntheses made within “Competitiveness and Clusters Analysis”, it was decided to carry out a Clusters analysis for Defense Industry Sector. In the Clusters analysis process, data were gathered through interviews with 77 firms serving for defense industry in OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone and a sector Clusters map was developed and analyzed with networking method. According to this analysis the density, supply chain structures and members of the sectoral Clusters were identified. After the evaluation of questionnaire results, sectoral maps were prepared. OSTİM Defense Supply Industry Clusters which is composed of SMEs located in and around OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone and performing in the defense industry was established on 1 July 2008.

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4- GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) Regional Clusters Activities

EU-GAP Regional Development Program has been implemented in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Directorate General of GAP. Within GAP-GIDEM (Entrepreneur Support and Guidance Centres) project, a set of Clustering activities for ‘regional economic development’ were performed. Clusters analyses were made for organic farming sector in Şanlıurfa; marble industry in Diyarbakır and ready-made clothing sector in Adıyaman. Clusters development activities followed Clusters analyses in the province of Adıyaman. Currently, local stakeholders and firms in the region continue these activities.

5- Competitiveness Analysis in Industry and service Sectors (2006)

Competitiveness and Clusters analyses were made at the macro level for the top-ranked service and industry sectors in İstanbul by İstanbul Metropolitan Planning and Urban Design Center (IMP) under İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The aim of these analyses was to provide inputs for “Environmental Arrangement Plan” of İstanbul and to execute the plan properly. In the aftermath of the analyses, competitive service and industry sectors in İstanbul were identified and statistics on which sectors (industry and service) perform in which region were prepared.

6- Clusters Activities for Konya Chamber of Industry

Some Clusters activities were commenced to identify the Clustering potential of Konya Chamber of Industry; to enhance competitiveness of SMEs in national and international arenas and to increase the meso-level practicability of project.

7- Clusters-based Strategic Economic Development Project

Elazığ Governorship launched Clusters activities in the province through “Clusters-based Strategic Economic Development Project” within the umbrella program ‘Elazığ Buluşuyor’ (Elağız Gathers). In the project implementation process, competitiveness of all active sectors throughout the province was analyzed and it was decided to make Clusters analyses for marble and fisheries sectors based on the results of the analyses. After Clusters analyses were completed under the leardership of Elazığ Governorship and Elazığ Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Clusters development process was started.

8- Clusters-based Strategic Economic Development Project

Within “Clusters-based Strategic Economic Development Project” an activity was initiated by Tekirdağ Governorship, Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Tekirdağ, Çorlu, Çerkezköy and Malkara and KOSGEB Directorate of Business Development in Tekirdağ. The activity was designed so as to include the major districts of Tekirdağ like Çorlu, Çerkezköy and Malkara as well as the city center. Priority sectors were determined and afterwards these sectors were analyzed in terms of Clustering.

9- Clustering Project for Agricultural and Food Sector

Within the scope of the project, which will last 36 months and is to be implemented by Mersin Provincial Special Administration and financed by the EU Funds with a total budget of 1.080.630 Euros, it is aimed to increase the share of the project partner regions in foreign markets. The target group of the project covers the agricultural sector in Mersin in Turkey, Emilia Romagna in Italy and Murcia in Spain.

For implementation of the project, Mersin Provincial Special Administration was invited to join Food Innovation Netwrok Europe (Food Clusters in Europe) (, which is established to gather Governmental and Non-Governmental Institutions and the private companies. In this respect, Mersin Provincial Special Administration took part in the Meeting which took place in Brussells in September 2008.

10 – MEDİKÜM “ Samsun Medical Industry Clusters”

The association basically aims to increase the competitiveness of the SMEs and develop the concept of competitiveness. The asoociation has 50 members and conducts medical Clustering activities in Samsun.

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11 - Merzifon Built-in Kitchen Appliances Clusters (2011)

The Clusters was established in 2011 within the coordination of Merzifon Organized Industrial Zone.  Merzifon Built-in Kitchen Appliances Clusters aims to ensure employement of more than 1000 people, conduct quality R&D activities to increase the competitiveness and hold a high level of international relations.

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12- Medical Industry Clusters

The Clusters was established in 2007 to increase the international competitiveness of the sectors operating in OSTİM. Today the Clusters has 54 companies and 16 solution partners among which there are universities and non – governmental organizations.

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13 – Eskişehir Bilecik Kütahya Ceramic Clusters

EBK Clusters aims to be a ceramic Clusters which is environmental friendly, efficient in terms of energy and which focuses on the customers by offering innovative solutions.

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14 - IAOSB Metal Casting Clusters

The main objective of the project is to increase competitiveness of the companies providing service in machine, metal and casting sectors at İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone.

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15 – İzmir Organic Food Clusters

“İzmir Organic Food Clusters” Project is implemented to increase the domestic and international competitiveness of the sector and build the innovation capacity within the scope of an activity covering all phases of organic food sector.

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16 – INOVİZ İzmir for Health

INOVIZ is a communication and cooperation platform to create a new İzmir which leads technology and produces innovative technological devices for the health sector, identified by İzmir Development Agency as “the sector of the future” for İzmir.

17 - Aviation and Space Clusters

Aviation and Space Clusters aims to provide the necessary support for the development of aviation and space sector in our country, increase domestic contribution and export opportunities of the sector, set up domestic and international cooperations and provide assistance for the sector to develop innovative products and processes. 

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18 – İzmir Processed Fruit and Vegetable Clusters

“İzmir Processed Fruit and Vegetable Clusters” aims to build sectoral organisation structure, raise awaraness of the targeted customer and market chain about using healthy and quality products, to form an image of Clusters at international fairs by bringing the concept of regionailism into the fore, set up a R&D coordination center which is providing service for the processed fruit and vegetable sectors and to raise awareness of the sector about the current R&D supports.

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