Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Located on historical Silk Road, Trabzon Port is a strategic transition point between Caucasia, Central Asia and Tukey and plays a significant role with its geographic position in transit trade between Iran, Iraq and Turkic Republics.

Tobacco, maize, many varieties of fruit and vegetables are grown in Trabzon in addition to tea and hazelnut which are main agricultural products in Eastern Blacksea Region. The province ranks the first in fishing sector and takes an important place in livestock farming.

Trabzon Chamber of Industry and Commerce has made efforts to provide SMEs with more competitive structure and has offered service regarding supports given to SMEs and how SMEs can benefit from these supports. Since 2001, the Chamber has also made notable contributions to the gradual growth of the province in international trade.

This cooperative institution has been the host of “Clusters Info-spot” and has dedicated an office and personnel to the implementation of the project. “Clusters Info-spot” functions as local contact point of the project.

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