Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Samsun has achieved great progress in industrial after 1980 and its industrialization process is still ongoing. Food and beverage, heavy metal industry, machine and equipment, woodworking and furniture are among the principal industrial sectors.

The most essential products in Samsun’s industrial sector are tobacco, trunk and construction iron, copper, manure, cement, spare part, pipe, pump, flour, fodder, medicine and medical equipment, furniture, sugar, ready-made clothing, trikot, industry based on soil and natural stone, cleaning products, machines and plastic materials.

Samsun Chamber of Industry and Commerce implements many programs to enhance competitiveness of the firms. In line with this purpose, it carries out activities in the areas of product development, innovation and clustering in order to enable the firms which perform in the region to liaise under competitive market conditions.

This cooperative institution has been the host of “Clusters Info-spot” and has dedicated an office and personnel to the implementation of the project. “Clusters Info-spot” functions as local contact point of the project.

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