Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The economy of Kahramanmaraş has gained momentum in industrialization period and the province has actualized a number of new investments. The sectors such as textile and ready-made clothing, steel kitchenwares, cotton carding process, construction, banking, food, fodder, package, paper and machine manufacturing, heating and cooling systems constitute main basis of the economic structure while other sectors like transportation, jewellery, coper and aluminium joinery, timber and building materials are dynamics of urban economics.

Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Industry and Commerce was established to develop further the fields of commerce like leather trade, weaving, furniture, saddlery and forging; to increase and lead the exportation in these areas; to gather all exporters in the region under a single roof and to offer local remedies for bureaucratic problems which are confronted. Afterwards the province has become one of the most important chambers of industry and commerce and has extended the scope of its activities by including all sectors in Kahramanmaraş. Textile, metal kitchenware, food and jewellery are currently ranked as the main sectors in the province.

This cooperative institution has been the host of “Clusters Info-spot” and has dedicated an office and personnel to the implementation of the project. “Clusters Info-spot” functions as local contact point of the project.

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