Southeastern Anatolia Exporters Association

Southeast Anatolian Exporters Association has a Clusters Info-spot in itself and implements the project in close cooperation with Chambers of Industry and Commerce.


Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce has approximately 16.000 members performing in industry and trade sector on the other hand nearly 2.300 members are registered in Gaziantep Chamber of Industry.

Southeastern Anatolian Exporters Unions was established in 1984 in order to improve and lead the exportation of “livestock and fisheries”, “cereals, legumes and oil seeds”, “dried fruit” and “textile and its raw materials”; to gather all exporters in the region under a single roof and to offer local remedies for bureaucratic problems which are confronted.

There are currently four Organized Industrial Zones in the province. It is also planned to establish the 5th zone for which an area of 11 million hectares has been allocated in 2011.

This cooperative institution has been the host of “Clusters Info-spot” and has dedicated an office and personnel to the implementation of the project. “Clusters Info-spot” functions as local contact point of the project.

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