Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Çorum has been identified as one of the New Industry Focal Points by the Ministry of Development due to its progressive potentials regarding local entrepreneurship, flexible manufacturing facilities, high-level cooperation and capacity and credit in being organized.

The economy of Çorum has been developed thanks to the existence of natural resources like quality clay as well as its climate appropriate for the production of wheat, barley and sugarcane in the region.

Excavation, flour, fodder, machine, metal-casting, textile, automotive spare parts, furniture,  paper, cardboard, package and ceramic are among outstanding sectors in the province.

Registered in Çorum Chamber of Industry and Commerce, approximately 3.000 members perform actively in commerce and service sector while 439 members work in industry sector.

Since its establishment, Çorum Chamber of Industry and Commerce has maintained its activities to reinforce entrepreneurs and SMEs in particular and has enabled tremendous strides to be made in strengthening competitiveness of SMEs.

Çorum Chamber of Industry and Commerce has been the host of “Clusters Info-spot” and has dedicated an office and personnel to the implementation of the project. “Clusters Info-spot” functions as local contact point for the project.

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