Local Stakeholders

The project has been launched for pilot provinces and firms after the Clusters Info Spots were established and put into practice.

Within the project implemented under the guidance of Ministry of Economy in partnership with Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in Turkey, a set of activities have been realized through the cooperation between competetive regions and clusters info-spots in Trabzon, Samsun, Çorum, Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep.

The below are Local Project Stakeholders in pilot provinces where clusters info-spots are available and project activities will be performed:

         Gaziantep Southeast Anatolian Exporters Unions

         Çorum Chamber of Industry and Commerce

         Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Industry and Commerce

         Samsun Chamber of Industry and Commerce

         Trabzon Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The Local Project stakeholders host the project by allocating an office for execution of the activities and assigning a staff to support the coordination in the Clusters Info Spots in their agencies. The Clusters Info-spots are the local contact points of the project. Ministry of Economy, Chambers and Unions render service for Clusters and SMEs and set an example on Clusters Management.

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