Ministry of Science Industry and Technology

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology carries out activities in order to contribute to a Turkey which will be one of the most developed ten countries of the world with its knowledge-based and competitive economic structure, based on innovation, scientific development and technology production with high value-added.

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology aims to increase the competitiveness of Turkey at the global level, to develop policies, strategies, plans and programmes in the field of science, industry and technology, and to ensure that they are implemented. In this process of transformation into information society; our Ministry also aims to encourage scientific knowledge and ensure a secure, environment-friendly and sustainable production structure with high value-added, based on advanced technology and which reduces foreign-source dependency.

Turkish Industrial Strategy is implemented by the Ministry of Economy and covers the period from 2011 to 2014. The general objective of this strategy is “to increase the competitiveness and productivity of Turkish industry, to ensure that Turkey gets more shares from global export, to enable Turkey to manufacture products with high value-added and advanced technology, to contribute to solving the employment problem and to accelerate the transformation into an environment-friendly industry with qualified workforce.

The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is one of the stakeholders of the project carries out activities within scope of the SME Networking Project. These activities concern the development of university-industry cooperation, increasing competitiveness and strengthening the technological infrastructure of Turkey by supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, R&D activities and SMEs in particular.

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