Project Outputs


Economic Analysis and Sectoral Analysis Reports & Identifying Potential Clusters in Provinces (June – October 2011)

The studies for these analyses were completed by 4 experts in 5 provinces based on their locations and their conditions. Through the interviews conducted, local dynamics of the region, current and potential Clusters were identified, and then the analyses were finalized in the light of economic indicators and economic structures. In the consultation meetings, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Development Agencies, Universities and Non-Governmental Organizations in the relevant provinces presented their opinions in the meetings. Following these evaluations and with the contributions of our Ministry, 5 sectors were identified based on the existence of the highest Clustering potentials. It was decided that all the activities of the project would focus on these sectors from that stage on. The results of these analyses served as input for ongoing supply chain and value chain analyses. Supply Chain/Value Chain Analyses will contribute to firms in Clusters in that they will be able to enhance their knowledge and experience so as to make a difference in terms of their products and Service, and to be integrated vertically and horizontally.



(Executive Summary | Economic Sectoral Review)

Pilot Province


English (.pdf)

Turkish (.docx)


Medical Equipment




Food Processing Machines


Metal Kitchen Utensils


Shoe Production




“Cross Cutting Strategy” was prepared to identify cross cutting competition areas that influence the development of regional and interregional competition and to contribute to sector oriented Clusters development. Independently of sectoral differences, cross cutting issues that influence the development of Clusters and the competition in all sectors such as internationalization, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and corporal social responsibility were dealt with in this strategy.





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