Clusters Info Spots In 5 Provinces

Technical information  needed for export,
Keeping up with global markets more easily,
Becoming different in terms of product and Service, innovation and developing human capacity,
Sharing experience and knowledge by creating opportunities for cooperation with other enterprises in Turkey and abroad
Increasing functioning and efficiency in value chain beginning from design to production and export by means of cooperation networks
Keeping up with technology so as to get into global markets and maintain the export volume

Service which will be Provided to SMEs

400 SMEs will benefit from the activities that will be carried out within the scope of the project.
200 SMEs will be included in the Clusters that will be formed,
Efficiency and production, profitability, export volume and similar features of the SMEs will increase up to 20%.
It will be facilitated to get and share knowledge in various sectors and fields through the “Knowledge Management System” web site, which will be accessible to SMEs and other supporting institutions
Support will be provided for SMEs to get into international markets.
At least 12 business Clusters will begin to work in 5 pilot provinces and these Clusters will maintain their existence.


5 pilot actions will be initiated and developed for 5 priority Clusters will set an example for other activities that will be conducted in the field of “Clustering”).
The efficiency and similar features of the 5 priority Clusters increase up to 20%.
Technical assistance will be provided to Clusters so that they can benefit from the grant schemes of the Ministry of Economy and other relevant institutions.
The development and changes of Clusters will be evaluated due to 20 sectoral Clusters which will be included in the National Benchmarking System.
Clusters Tool Kit will be prepared.
Knowledge Management System will be installed in order to collect the information needed by the SMEs, Clusters and Supporting Institutions; to divide the information efficiently according to the needs, to present and update it.

National Benchmarking System (NBS) aims to monitor the performance of the Clusters in Turkey, to accelerate the competitiveness of local Clusters and to ensure that Clusters have relationships with international Clusters. It is expected that this system will facilitate the functioning of the programs developed or to be developed by institutions such as the Ministry of Economy, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Organization (KOSGEB) and TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

Developing Supporting Systems

Training will be provided to at least 50 people on the use of the tools for;

1. Knowledge Management System

2. National Benchmarking System

3. Moreover, in order to ensure that Clusters developing tools, which will be prepared within the scope of the project, can be used; at least 50 people will be given training. Thus it will be ensured that systems and tools are used effectively.



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