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To increase awareness with regard Clustering at the regional level and induce sustainable added value growth in the regional economy by increasing export through Clusters.


-Confidentiality of the information obtained from firms and institutions
-Being open and objective in the Service provided
-To raise the service quality continuously
-Innovative and result-oriented approach


To increase the competitiveness of the enterprises in a province through promoting collaboration and establishing a network within the Clusters of province and between the Clusters of other regions.

In addition, Clusters Coordination Center (CCC) will provide service for all the experts who work for the Project as the regional Office of SME Networking Project.


To introduce the Clusters Coordination Center (CCC) to all Clusters actors; establish relations with Clusters members (especially between chosen Clusters and private sector members) and raise Clusters members’ awareness of the foundations of Clustering in conditions of competition.


a.    To identify the Clusters members (main sector, related industries, NGOs, universities and public institutions); related parties should play their assumed roles and each Clusters member should benefit from Clustering (short term objective)
b.    To visit Clusters members especially in the main industry and related industries to raise awareness and establish direct relations (short term objective)
c.    To discuss competitiveness, competition and subjects of coordination by organizing thematic workshops with the participation of enterprises and to make a research on potential collaboration areas (short term objective)
d.    To guide/lead common activities which will yield fast results for the private sector (medium term objective)


To create successful examples by increasing the competitiveness of the enterprises in chosen Clusters.


To support the formation of the first Clustering initiative with the technical assistance of the project (medium term objective)
a.    To start at least three successful Clusters (from medium term to long term)

To ensure that the Clusters Coordination Center gives top level quality service in the middle and long term.
a.    To increase the competence of personnel through organization/incorporation of training programmes which are defined at project’s training needs analysis work package (short term objective)
b.    To form a Clusters Trainers Team by organizing a Training of Trainers Programme (With the participation of CCC personnel, host institutions and other stakeholders) (short term objective)
c.    To provide guidance for Clustering works and create a CCC Network and experts pool to provide specialized technical assistance at sectorial level (from short term to long term)
d.    To acquire knowledge and experience on using different financial resources for Clustering activities (from medium term to long term).




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