About the SME Networking Project

Through Clusters Info Spots established in 5 provinces, the SMEs are provided with strategic support regarding training, access to information, efficiency and increasing competitiveness. Following the activities to be carried out by these Clusters info spots, the number of SMEs is expected to reach 400. It also expected that 200 SMEs will be included in Clusters that will be formed.

It is also aimed that the efficiency and similar features of the SMEs increase up to 20%. Necessary technical assistance is provided to Clusters so that they can use grant schemes of the Ministry of Economy and other relevant institutions.  

In the project provinces, it is aimed to ...

Increase the cooperation between SMEs,


Increase the efficiency and value-added of the firms through cooperation,


Facilitate the access to technology for the firms in the regions covered by the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (RCOP) and inform them about the developments in technology,


Enhance university-industry cooperation,


Strengthen the capacity of our firms to get into markets and to compete in these markets.

With the participation of at least 20 sectoral Clusters are included in the National Benchmarking System, it will be possible to evaluate the development and changes of Clusters.

Actions will be initiated for priority Clusters that will be identified in pilot provinces. Then, it is planned to identify and form new business Clusters. Within the framework of the project, activities for at least 3 Clusters will be completed in each pilot province. In addition, activities have been initiated to identify second Clusters. It is foreseen that the number of Clusters to be identified in provinces will be up to 12. Another object of the project is that the activities concerning Clustering will set an example for other activities that will be conducted in the field of “Clustering”.

It is also among the objectives of the project to facilitate getting and sharing knowledge in various sectors and fields through the “Knowledge Management System” web site, which will be accessible to SMEs and other supporting institutions. Thus, it is aimed to provide support to SMEs so that they can get into international markets. For this purpose, training will be provided on “Knowledge Management System”, the use of Clusters tools and “National Benchmarking System”. Thus, it will be ensured that systems and tool are used effectively.



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