Incentives and Supports on Export

Ministry of Economy stands by SMEs and Cooperation Institutions with government subsidies applications in exportation as well. With the aim to provide sustainable export increase, increase competitive power of our companies in international markets and achieve its 2023 exportation strategy goals for our country which has adopted the development model based on exportation, government subsidies for exportation is formed in a holistic approach to complete one another as rings of a chain.

Our companies, after getting prepared for exportation with Market Research and Market Entry Subsidy, Environmental Costs Support and Attendance to Exhibitions Abroad Support, can further develop their competitive power with Clusters mentality. Following the above, expenditures for units that will be established abroad and costs for publicity carried out abroad are supported with Support for Unit, Trademark and Promotion Activities Abroad.

In addition to all these mechanisms, the aim of Notification of Branding of Turkish Products Abroad, Turkish Product Image Establishment and Support for Turquality®, is for our companies who has achieved the level to be included in the branding support as the first phase of the support to start becoming a world brand by being included in the Turquality® support programme.

Current Supports

95/7 for Support for Domestic Expertise Exhibitions with International Quality


97/5 for Support for Environmental Costs


98/10 for R&D Subsidies


2000/1 for Employment Subsidies


2009/5 for Support for Attendance to Exhibitions Abroad


2010/6 for Support for Unit, Trademark and Promotion Activites Abroad


2006/4 for Support for Branding of Turkish Products Abroad, Turkish Product Image Establishment and Subsidy for Turquality®


2011/1 Support for Market Research and Market Entry


2010/8 for Support for Development of International Competitiveness


2008/2 for Support for Design


2012/3 for Government Subsidies for Technical Consultancy Service


2010/10 for Subsidies for Export Refund on Agricultural Products Companies with Special Status


2012/4 for Support for Foreign Exchange Earning Commerce


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