Workshop on Future Strategies for Trabzon Shipbuilding Sector (June 7, 2012)

The program began with the Workshop on Shipbuilding Sector and in the afternoon, the Seminar on Strategic Steps in Shipbuilding Sector took place.

Dr. Recep Kızılcık
; Governor of Trabzon, Emrah Sazak; Head of the SME and Clustering Department of General Directorate of Export affiliated to the Ministry of Economy, M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu; Chairman of Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Michael Dan; Project Team Leader gave opening speeches. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özen; the Rector of Karadeniz Technical University and Osman Gökhan Bali; Deputy Mayor of Trabzon participated in the program as well. The program ended with the Opening Ceremony of Trabzon Clusters Info Spot.

Companies and suppliers in the shipbuilding sector, regional stakeholders, Governorship of Trabzon, Municipality of Trabzon, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency, Provincial Directorate for Science, Industry and Technology, Trabzon Port Authority and representatives from Karadeniz Technical University, in particular representatives from the Department of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering participated in the Workshop on Shipbuilding Strategy, which took place in the forenoon as the first activity of the program.

It was an active workshop with high level participation. Additionally, Hasan Pırıltı; Deputy Secretary General of the Istanbul Exporters’ Association (IIB), shared the results of the needs assessment on “Developing International Competitiveness in Ship and Yacht Sector Project” of the Ship and Watch Exporters’ Association affiliated to the IIB. This project was within the scope of Declaration on the Development of International Competitiveness No.2010/8 of the Ministry of Economy.

During the workshop moderated by Yeliz Çuvalcı; Clusters Development Expert, Hakan Zobu, who conducted the value/supply chain analysis of the shipbuilding sector in Trabzon, shared the results and his comments with the participants. In addition, the needs of the firms were identified and Emrah Ayvaz; Coordinator of Trabzon Clusters Info Spot, gave information concerning the national and international fairs that can be visited as part of the clustering activities of the Shipbuilding Sector.

By using clustering approach as an effective tool and preparing Sectoral Strategic Reports with a sector oriented perspective, a common vision will be created by sector representatives and firms, then the steps to be taken in order to achieve this vision will be identified. The activities to be identified in order to strengthen the competition will be carried out through the funds of the SME Networking Project and Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness Project of the Ministry of Economy if necessary.