Cross Cutting Strategy Paper Completed With Three Main Inputs (18.01.2012)

Cross Cutting Strategy” was prepared to identify cross cutting competition areas that influence the development of regional and interregional competition and to contribute to sector oriented clusters development. Independently of sectoral differences, cross cutting issues that influence the development of clusters and the competition in all sectors such as internationalization, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and corporal social responsibility were dealt with in this strategy.

Based on the methodology, three main inputs were used for the Cross Cutting Strategy.

Best Practices in clustering in Turkey and throughout the world: 56 best practices, 13 of which were from Turkey and 23 of which were international, were collected.

Data obtained through questionnaire for Clusters Map/Potential Clusters Map of Turkey: Close cooperation with the Ministry of Development was formed and data received from the personnel of 26 Development Agencies were used in order to create a Clusters Map. In addition to the Development Agencies, the project team conducted a questionnaire on 74 URGE beneficiaries. A total of 356 clusters/potential clusters were identified by combining the results of two questionnaires. Creating such a comprehensive map in clustering is important success in itself.


National and international strategy papers and the priorities mentioned in these papers: All the national and international strategy papers related to clustering were analyzed and the priorities mentioned in these papers were identified.

The three main inputs constituted respectively cross cutting issues, measures to be taken for these issues and the actions to be taken based on these measures.